The Shibui concept

Shibui™ is a surf and skate brand for the discerning individuals. Shibui™ is a Japanese word that refers to a particular aesthetic of simple, subtle and unobtrusive beauty.

Inspired by Japan, made in Brighton UK. Shibui™ objects appear to be simple overall but they include subtle details; for example, the vast ocean may look simple in its volume to the undiscerning eye, buts its varying moods are manifested in quite exquisite shapes and forms. With this concept in mind we introduce to you Shibui™.

Our aim is to create an artistic, subtle, classy and energetic alternative to the existing mainstream surf and skate brands. Great importance will be put on quality of product and detail of aesthetic.  Shibui™ combines the traditional form of Japanese textile print with contemporary western design.



Shibui brand ambassadors

Assisting us in promoting our brand we have appointed Axe Garrett (Surf), Hugo Mostachfi (freestyle longboarder) Duke Smith (Bowl Rider). We are looking to appoint a number longboard and skateboard brand ambassadors very soon. If you have what it takes contact us or send a video to [email protected]








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