IZU Freestyle Longboard Deck 46″


13” Kick tail
Weight: 2.3kg
Thickness: 12mm
Max load 150 kgs
Length 46”/117cm
Width 9.5”/24cm
Wheelbase 30”/78cm

Design with FUSION FLEX TECHNOLOGY the IZU offers a great platform for freestyle/dancing moves and tricks. Stylish and sturdy this deck can even handle a set of surf trucks to turn it into carving and cruising surf longboard.

The new Shibui IZU is a fusion of carbon fibre, maple and elastic bamboo, providing high performance flex with graphic embedded plating printed on the bottom and top, cut griptape on the top, this deck oozes class.

We use eco-friendly but strong carbonated bamboo, Canadian maple and carbon fibre, layered for strength and flex, Shallow "U" concave with wheel well.



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